Arrahman College hosts its first annual Ramadan iftar markets.

In a vibrant display of community spirit and cultural celebration, Arrahman College hosted its first annual Ramadan Iftar Markets, drawing in hundreds of attendees. The event, held on the college grounds, showcased a diverse array of food vendors that brought people together in the spirit of Ramadan.

The Ramadan Iftar Markets at Arrahman College kicked off with the call to prayer echoing through the open air, signaling the breaking of the fast at sunset. Attendees were greeted with a tantalizing array of food stalls, ranging from savory kebabs, falafels, Afgani rice to sweet treats like knefeh and ice cream.

One of the highlights of the evening was the sense of camaraderie and togetherness as people of all ages and backgrounds came together to support the Children of Gaza raising $2,500.

Overall, the Ramadan Iftar Markets at Arrahman College were a resounding success, bringing together hundreds of people in a celebration of community and solidarity. The event served as a shining example of the spirit of Ramadan and the power of unity in diversity.

We thank all the attendees that came from all over Syndey and the food operators for their outstanding efforts in contributing to the success of the event.