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Guided by Islamic values and experiences, Arrahman College develops the student’s whole personality, empowering each student to become an informed decision-maker and a life long learner.

Take the right step in your child's education.

Arrahman College is an Islamic community that seeks to make an outstanding impact that positively contributes to society through its students and the quality of its teaching and leadership in education.

Enrolment Process

Step 1

Online Expression of Interest

Complete an online Expression of Interest (EOI) form on the College website.

Step 2

Online Enrolment Application

Parents and/or Carers will be contacted by the College and invited to submit an enrolment application form via the online Enrolment Portal. This includes a payment of $150.00 and submission of any further documentation requested.

Step 3

Screening interview & entrance assessment

A screening interview will be scheduled with the College Principal and/or his delegate. The screening interview will include the student undergoing an entrance assessment to determine their general academic abilities.

Step 4

Enrolment offer

Upon a successful interview and the availability of a place, an offer will be made. If accepted, a Confirmation of Acceptance Form will need to be completed via the Colleges online Enrolment Portal. If your enrolment is for the following year, an advance fee of $500.00 will need to be paid. (This amount will be deducted from your tuition fees upon commencement at the College, however, it is not refundable if enrolment is cancelled). In the case where there is no vacancy, applicants may choose to be placed on a waiting list.

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