We are committed to fostering a community of learners

Arrahman College is an Islamic community that seeks to make an outstanding impact that positively contributes to society through its students and the quality of its teaching and leadership in education.

Arrahman College provides a positive, holistic learning environment where staff and students work cooperatively to achieve their personal best and develop a commitment to continuous learning and effective participation within the broader community.


We are committed to fostering a community of learners and providing an academic curriculum that focuses on STEM to help develop a broad knowledge base while promoting the skills of critical and creative thinking. By offering a variety of activities both inside and outside of the classroom that is guided by Islamic values and experiences, Arrahman College develops the student’s whole personality, empowering each student to become an informed decision-maker and a life long learner.

What We Value

  • The Quest for Excellence through adventure, curiosity, creativity and growth.
  • Our Faith and Traditions inspire truth, honour, loyalty and commitment.
  • Leadership through teams in a spirit of service, compassion, fun and community.